Friday, February 2, 2018

Spring Dress Guide In Primary Colors

Spring Dresses
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It's hard to imagine but the first day of Spring, March 20th is just around the corner! Last weekend I enjoyed spring like temperatures around here that got me thinking about spring fashion trends. 

As you may have noticed I mainly gravitate towards neutrals, but with the recent popularity of red, and now yellow, I'm getting excited to add some much needed color to my wardrobe. The only color I've never shied away from is blue thanks to my love of denim, but I'm always on the hunt for new blue pieces.  

Below are several dresses perfect for spring in shades of red, yellow and blue.

Denim Dresses
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Despite my love for denim I currently do not own a denim dress! I would love to add one to my wardrobe because I can only imagine the many combinations I could pair them with. These three would look amazing worn by themselves, paired with a cardigan, jeans, leggings, or layered over a turtleneck. They also would look so cute styled with a pair of sneakers or sandals. You can shop all of Zaful's denim dresses here

Embroidered Dresses
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Embroidered dresses have such a care free vibe that's perfect for warmer weather. I just love all the fun little details they have like tassels and pompoms. These dresses would look great worn over jeans when it's cooler out, or by themselves with lace up sandals when it's hot. View more of Zaful's embroidered dresses here

Burgundy Dresses
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Lace is so beautiful any time of the year, but I think it's especially fun to wear during the spring. This year I would love to add a lace dress to my wardrobe in a color other than black and white. I'm thinking a lace dress in a pretty primary color would be perfect for Easter. Shop all of Zaful's lace dresses in one place by clicking here.  

Burgundy Dresses
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I'm loving all shades of red right now, but I'm especially loving a deep rich red like burgundy. It's such a beautiful color that I find very easy to wear. This beautiful deep burgundy is a nice departure from my typical go to black dress. See more of Zaful's burgundy dresses here

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