Monday, October 2, 2017

How To Style Over The Knee Boots

Unisa Black Over The Knee Suede Boots
Outfit Details: 
H&M Dress (old, similar here, and here), Kate Spade Purse (similar here), Unisa Boots (from T.J.Maxx)

For the past two years I've been on the hunt for some over the knee boots. Now that I've finally got my hands on a pair that I love, styling them was new territory that took a little getting used to. It goes without saying shoes and accessories can make or break an outfit, and over the knee boots are no exception. I've found that they work best with loose fitting clothing to balance out the fact that they are form fitting. 

For instance I love over the knee boots worn over skinny jeans or leggings with an oversized sweater on top, or over the knee boots paired with a lose fitting sweater dress (or boxy t-shirt dress) that's just short enough to leave a sliver of skin between where the dress ends and the boots begin. 

If you prefer form fitting clothing, over the knee boots pair well with tight fitting skirts & dress too. To keep the look from being one note (head to toe skin tight) I like to layer in a robe, duster, or long jacket to give the outfit some much needed drama and movement. I love the way a long jacket hides the fact that your wearing over the knee boots until you view the outfit from the front.

And lastly I love over the knee boots with baby doll dress like the one I'm wearing. The sweetness of the baby doll dress balances out the drama and edginess of black over the knee boots. 

Baby Doll Dress And Over The Knee Boots
Green polka dot baby doll dress
Green dress and black boots
Green polka dot H&M baby doll dress
Green H&M Baby Doll Dress
Black Unisa Dedrii Over The Knee Boot Women's Shoes
Tie back black over the knee boots


  1. Hi! I love your site and this post! The outfit and the boots are amazing!! I'm looking into the same pair of boots and I was wondering how tall you are? I'm a petite girl and only 5'2" so I'm worried that they might be a tad too high on my legs for me. They're quite the perfect fit on you!

    1. Hi Kristen! I completely understand! I'm 5'4" and was having trouble finding OTK boots that looked good on my petite frame. That's why I fell in love with these boots because their soft sock like material didn't overwhelm my petite frame like the stiff leather options did. Thanks so much for following along and I hope I was able to help!