Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Home Remodeling Year Two

Yellow Mums

It's hard to believed we've been in our first official home (our first place was a condo) for two years now! You can see what our home looked like when we purchased it here and after our first year here.

How to remove the gold on a fireplace
marble fireplace
This past year we've made a few changes to our family room. First, we painted the 90's gold trim on our fireplace by using Rust-Oleum spray pant. It was so quick, inexpensive, and simple I wish we would have done this right when we first moved in! We also purchased a larger tv that should fit nicely above our fireplace as soon as we have the time to mount it. 

Large Sectional
Franklin Corp Sectional
Across from the fireplace is our Franklin Corp Sectional. I love symmetry so I wanted to hanging a large art piece on the wall across from our fireplace (and soon to be mounted tv), plus add a gallery wall across from my husbands computer/gallery wall which you can see in our home update from last year here

cream sectional
After searching for almost a year without finding any art I loved we decided to see what we could find at Habitat For Humanity & Goodwill. I found this large piece of art at Habitat for only $12 along with the 3 center pieces in our new gallery wall (none of which were over $3). The mini picture of Audrey Hepburn ($2) was also a Goodwill find. With art that inexpensive I won't feel bad if I decide to replace any of it down the road. 

library in a dining room
bookshelf bilt-ins
How to style a bookshelf

Ever since we've moved in I've been wanting to add a built-in that covers the entire back wall of our dining room complete with a library ladder and sconces. Thankfully, we were given these three large bookcases (which we painted white) that almost span the entire length of our dining room. Some day we may add lighting up top or build some more shelving around or above the bookcases, but for now I'm so happy with all the extra storage space. Plus we have plenty of room for more.

brown leather couch
Our living room was pretty bare bones last year, and really still is. The bookcase and art that was previously in our dining room now lives in our living room. This bookcase also got a fresh coat of bright white paint. Also you can find the step stool we used as a side table here.

living room before
how to style a bookcase
decorating for fall
white bookcase
living room after
mini bookcase for shoes
bookcase full of shoes

I also painted this mini bookcase (in my office/closet) that holds some of my shoes. It's painted in the same white as the bookcases in the dining and living room.  

walk in closet
walk in closet
outdoor shed
landscaping around a shed
Our shed got a fresh coat of paint that we had matched to the exterior of our home.

worn out deck before
freshly painted deck
outdoor cafe string lights
On our deck we added some outdoor cafĂ© string lights we found at our local Aldi (similar here) and gave our deck a fresh coat of paint. 

large pine tree
side yard landscaping
We removed a pine tree that blocked off access to the side of our yard.

front yard landscaping
front yard landscaping
Lastly, we removed a large pin tree that was blocking the front of our house and killing the grass around it. If you have any questions please let me know. I tried to link anything in our home that I knew was still available online. 

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