Monday, March 27, 2017

Brass Buttons

Outfit Details: 
Ann Klien Coat / Aréopostale Turtleneck (similar here) / Urban Outfitters Vest / Zara Jeans (similar here) / Coach Purse (similar here & here) / Amazon Socks / Booties  

I decided to go for it and have a more is more moment with this look. I paired my high waisted button front jeans with a cropped vest that had a similar row of buttons. I added in a few more brass accents for good measure like the buckle on my bag and brass buttons around my shoes. Also, I layered in a trend from this year (socks with heels) that I had yet to try, but in a slightly different way. The blue socks layered over my blue jeans are a similar color so you have to look twice to notice them. Plus, I paired them with a pair of ankle booties instead of heels. I've tried this look before with a pair of wedge booties and it's just as cute. 

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