Saturday, December 17, 2016

Weekend Shopping Guide

For the past several years I've been eying duck boots (boots with a rubber sole and leather upper) to keep my feet warm and dry in this rainy, snowy, freezing cold Illinois weather. After doing some research I found Sorel as the leading brand in this industry. I decided on their Winter Fancy Lace II Boot because of the cute little heel and buckle around the top. Currently these boots are on sale on Amazon or you can find them on Sorel's website here.

One thing to note is that these boots do run small, so if you can't get to a store to try them on I would recommend measuring your foot and comparing it to the sizing chart. After measuring my foot and seeing it was the exact length as a size 7 I decided to buy the 7.5 to allow for larger socks. I'm so happy I did because the boots are stiff and it was hard to shove my foot into them, so the extra room helped. 

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