Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Pastel Time of Day

White sand in Jamaica
Banana Republic Top (similar here) / Gap Shorts (similar here) / Forever 21 Hat

Jamaica is such a beautiful place any time of day, but I have to say that late afternoon just before, until just after sunset is particularly beautiful. The water is so calm it perfectly reflects the most dreamy sunsets making them seem twice as large. Judging by my outfit, I think it's safe to say I was impacted by this magical time of day. My blue oxford button up and purple running shorts are not something I'd normally pair together, but being influenced by my surroundings they seemed just right.

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Seashore in Jamaica
Jamaican Beach
sunset in Jamaica over the ocean
blue oxford top and purple running shorts
watching the sunset from a lounge chair in Jamaica
Forever 21 Straw Hat
Sandals Resort in Whitehouse Jamaica
lounging in the sand in Jamaica
Ocean View of a Sunset in Jamaica
pastel blue top and pastel purple shorts
Fishing Boat in the Caribbean
watching the sunset in Jamaica

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