Thursday, October 6, 2016

Central Illinois Showcase Parade of Homes 2016

Modern Farmhouse
The Showcase Parade of Homes just finished up in my area last weekend. With the largest number of homes to date (23 homes), I thought it would be fun to highlight a few of my favorites on here. 

Home with lots of windows
Lets start off by looking at some of the most beautiful home exteriors. I've been thinking of adding up to 6 windows to my home and this house above doesn't make me feel so crazy for thinking so. Look how many windows are on the front of this house!

ranch house
If I had to choose just one, I think the house pictured above was my favorite inside and out. I loved the garage doors, the dark siding, and the pops of white. The inside was just as pretty with high ceilings and an open layout. I only snapped one picture inside of the wood beams on the ceiling, since the house was mostly unfinished. 

brick house
Loved the charming brick details on this house making it feel like a cozy little cottage somewhere far away from here. 

black windows
A very beautiful house quite unlike anything I've ever seen before. The black window frames were my favorite feature. 

Modern Farmhouse
The exterior of this house was hands down my favorite. Loved the modern farmhouse look, with the green barn lights above the garage doors and a touch of tin on the roof. I didn't snap any pictures of the inside because unfortunately it wasn't as cute. 

barn outdoor lights
white kitchen cabinets
I like the way the kitchen cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling, making this room feel taller while also adding plenty of additional storage. I would like to remove the soffit (a boxy structure built to fill the gap between the ceiling and kitchen cabinets) in my home one day and add another row of cabinets like this. I also love the trim at the top of the cabinets giving them a nice finished look.

hexagon bathroom tiles

I love hexagon tile on a bathroom floor. This one almost looked like wood (something I haven't seen before) and paired nicely with the light wood flooring that was in the rest of the house. 

mirror A lovely mirror next to the front door. I've been looking for one like this to put near my entryway, but I'm trying to wait until we furnish that room (our living room) before buying accessories. 
outdoor landscaping

Not much to look at without flowers, but I'm thinking about removing the scalloped stone edging around the landscaping in my front yard for a more simple streamline look. 

wooden ceiling beams
Beautiful wood beams in my favorite house (3rd image down), this one story ranch had vaulted ceilings throughout.

horse canvas and mirror gallery wall

A cozy basement setup with an idea for what to put above my sectional, also hoping to replace my coffee table with  something like this one day.

blue shark kids bathroom
Adorable themed children's bathroom with lots of blue accents and a lovely wood tile flooring. 

white wainscoting in the dining room

Beautiful wall treatments in this dining room. I've been thinking about adding wainscoting (decorative wood paneling that lines the lower half of the room) to my dining room and kitchen like this one day.

black and white living room

This simple black and white fireplace is something I'm thinking about doing in our home. I would like to remove the brass accents across my fireplace surround and paint the honey oak wood mantel white.

wall paneled entry way
The only home I noticed with moulding details on the walls. They added this lovely accent to both sides of the entry way.

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