Friday, August 19, 2016

Weekend Shopping Guide

Wedges / Flats / Jeans / Clutch

The Weekend Shopping Guide: A new series on the recent purchases I've made and where you can buy them too.

This week my husband and I went shopping for our upcoming trip to Jamaica. While shopping for swimwear for him, I saw several back to school deals I couldn't resist.

First place we stopped was Kohl's. I haven't shopped here in a while, but I quickly found a few pairs of shoes I wanted. I've had a pair of X-band espadrille wedges on my list for quite some time, but never found the "right" pair until now. These shoes checked every box and at a steep discount they were a no brainer. You can find the shoes here or at your local Kohl's store before they're gone. 

Also from Kohl's are these black & brown flats. I love shoes, purses, tops, pretty much anything that has both black & brown on it. It makes the item so much more versatile. These shoes reminded me of the very expensive Jenni Kayne flats that I've loved over the past few years, but at a much more affordable price. Right now these shoes are half off an can be purchased here or at your local Kohl's store. 

Next we went to T.J. Maxx where I found this Jones New York gold clutch. I currently have one clutch I use frequently (like here, here, and here) so I knew it would get lots of use, but the thing I was most excited for was the hidden charger inside. Quite possibly the perfect accessory for our upcoming trip. This clutch is not available for sale on T.J. Maxx's website but you may get lucky and find one in your local store. I purchased this clutch at T.J. Maxx for $24.99, but you can order one directly from Jones New York online here

And lastly my favorite item I picked up this week was a new pair of jeans (also from T.J. Maxx). These dark wash skinny jeans have a high waist (they sit just below my belly button) with a frayed hem. They are supper comfortable like jeggings with fake front pockets and lots of stretch. Definitely pick up a pair if you're loving the frayed hem trend as much as I am. Check them out at your local T.J. Maxx store or on their website here

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