Monday, February 9, 2015

Outfit Of The Week: X Marks The Spot

Old Navy Coat / Urban Outfitters Sweater / Express Skirt / Steve Madden Heels / Letisse Vintage Clutch

On a recent shopping trip I stumbled across this leather pencil skirt and knew immediately I needed to add it to my wardrobe. Not because of the steep discount (only $25! Sorry I can't find it for purchase on their website) but because I have been keeping an eye out for one. Here in the midwest we don't particularly have lots of shopping options, plus I don't usually enjoy shopping for something too specific. It can be very stressful going from store to store only to come up empty handed. To combat this I compiled a shopping list of sorts to remind myself of what pieces would add versatility to my wardrobe. 

I do this for several reasons: 
1. to take advantage of sales
2. to keep myself from buying the same type of stuff over and over again (my wardrobe was heavy on the casual side several years ago before I started doing this)
3. to not have to go shopping for every event/party that comes my way (I can just shop my own closet) 
4. shopping becomes a more enjoyable relaxing event (because I know what I have and what I need)
5. my wardrobe isn't busting at the seams with things I don't wear
6. I put more thought into what I buy (i.e. better quality)
7. I have several timeless pieces that I will keep and enjoy for years to come

For example right now I'm looking for: a white button down (still don't own one), leather leggings, sequined skirt, white blazer, over the knee boots, trench coat, etc.

It all comes back to knowing what you already have in your closet and finding out how to fill in the blanks. For more help simply Google "well-rounded wardrobe".

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