Friday, August 17, 2012

Screen Printing - Screen Filler Method

Last year I showed you how to screen print using a paper stencil. When I was asked to create a lobster apron that resembled Champaign Plastics lobster bibs I thought I would tackle another screen printing technique. It really wasn't that complicated especially if you decide to do a simpler graphic than I did.

You will need:
- Screen
- Soft Pencil
- Brushes
- Screen-filler liquid
Choose your design and begin drawing it with a soft pencil on the back of the screen. (Notice I drew on the front side of the screen by mistake don't do that.) Your next step will be to paint the screen-filler onto the back and it makes it a little harder to see your pencil lines if you do not draw them on the back. 
Next stir the screen-filler and begin to paint on the back side of the screen. Paint the screen-filler everywhere you do not want ink to penetrate.
Apply several layers of screen-filler. Checking for full coverage by holding the screen up to the light to check for any missed areas. I went over my screen two or three times before I was finished.
Let your screen dry over night before use.


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