Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Banner Tutorial

I'm seeing a lot of adorable banners out there so I wanted to create one for myself.
Made from muslin scraps cut into 5 x 7 inch flags and sewed together using 1 inch white cotton twill tape.

- Fabric
- Printer
- Acrylic craft paint
- Paint brushes
- Sewing machine or needle and thread
- Fabric twill tape or ribbon
- Xacto knife
- Contact paper
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Tape
- Pins
- Cutting board

1. First find a font on the computer you like. For my banner I used BlairMdITC TT.

2. To make a stencil trace the letter onto contact paper and cut out using an xacto knife. I did this by taping the contact paper on top of the paper with the letter on it to keep it from shifting. If you can easily see through the contact paper you can begin cutting with the xacto knife or try outlining the letter first to make it easer to see. If your letters have "islands" in them like mine (the D, A, R, P) make sure you don't throw away the center piece of the stencil.

3. Peal the paper backing away from the contact paper and position the stencil on the flag where you want it to go. If its a letter with an island you will need to position that as well. Make sure the new stencil is well adhered to the flag (so that the ink won't bleed and the letters stay sharp) and paint on using acrylic craft paint.

4. When all the letters are dry peal away the stencils (taking care not to unravel the edges of your flag) fold the twill tape (or ribbon) around the top of each flag and pin in place.

5. Sew close to the edge using a matching thread. It's as simple as that.

I still haven't found a use for my new banner yet but I do love having it hang in my craft room pinned to my design board.

Happy Leap Day!


  1. Haha. The funny thing is after I read the second step and you said you got a stencil from a font on the computer I was thinking how detailed and hard this is... That is where I draw the line. so crafty, creative and talented. yikes

    1. I quickly posted this before I left for work that morning and I thought there's a lot more to this than I remembered! I've updated it a little more since then and I may come back and add pictures to go along w/ the steps. Making a flag banner with pretty fabrics without doing the stenciling would make an awesome banner. And save a lot of steps!
      Thanks for checking out my blog!