Saturday, October 29, 2011

Full Apron

This started as a project for another custom order. A friend wanted to buy a full apron from me but I hadn't yet created one for Dark Plum. I have made full aprons in the past but hadn't created one yet that I would like to make again. I got the idea for this apron from my mother. She used to make and sell plastic aprons and add grommets and ties to them a lot like this. She still has the grommet machine and I was happy to find out it still works and I could use it on fabric too! Using the grommets appealed to me because it allows the wearer more of a custom fit and I think it looks pretty cool too! That was one of my main concerns and the reason why I hadn't yet created one before now. I think I accomplished everything I wanted in creating this apron. And I'm excited to say my mother will start selling this apron on her web site as well. More on that to come.

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