Sunday, July 3, 2011

Feature - The I.D.E.A. Store

I just discovered the I.D.E.A. store in Champaign, IL and I absolutely love it! It's a crafters dream, I wonder why someone didn't think of this a long time ago? It's a place where people can donate their unwanted craft items. They have items ranging from paper towel rolls to maps to tennis balls. On my first visit I found several pieces of fabric I wanted to buy but not quite sure how I will use them, so I limited myself to only buying two pieces.

The beige fabric is a curtain panel from IKEA that would make the perfect tote bag. I'm not sure yet about the pink striped fabric but it was too cute to pass up. It was very exciting to find fabric there that hadn't been used before.

I also picked up some safety pins for hanging tags and bias tape to practice with. I've never used it before and I plan to use it in my next project. At $0.25 a pair you can't go wrong.

That's all for now Happy 4th!

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